MIFF 2018 - Florida Filmmakers AM

Florida Filmmakers Matinee 9:00 am Admission $10
The Last Will and Testament – directed by Curran Ellis When a mother’s will has been written, her family will never be the same. 4:01
Cause of Death: Homicide – directed by Ray & Migdalia Etheridge Karen is convinced that her stepfather murdered her mother. 24:45
Orlando in Heaven – directed by Barry Eager Filmed at the Gleason Auditorium at Florida Tech. 3:43
Masters of War – directed by Arminio Stephano Rivero A combination of real speeches given by U.S. Presidents when threatening war. 5:19
The Winding Trail – Story of a 48 Year Old Bike Shop – directed by Austin Roghella The bond and trials of two store owners as the beach towns of Brevard transform over almost 50 years. 13:00
Surviving Cancer – directed by Kelli Mondshein A documentary of the filmmaker’s grandfather and his life-long battle with cancer. 4:34
The Case Against Mr. Sheppard – directed by Luis Miguel Leal A detective’s interrogatory reveals the mystery behind history’s most famous deaths. 12:19
Sanity Lost – directed by Dannie Pritchard A student plays a frustrating game of tag between their keys and a library book. 5:38
Sur’vi – directed by Stephen Wise A woman comes across a young orphaned girl and must take her to safety. 12:00
Believe Then See – directed by Mike Tran A reluctant son and his mother move into a new house and are introduced to an old ghost. 15:00
Slingin’ Paint – directed by Phil Lister A look at a scale modeler and his body of work. 9:31
Dress Code – directed by Laura M. Johnson Cathryn sets forth to dismantle the high school dress code. 5:49
A Silent Morning – directed by Juan Pantoja A story about grieving. 6:31
The Dollyrots: Mermaids – directed by Steven Shea 3:30
To Learn the Piano with Closed Eyes – directed by Ace Patel An autistic young girl decides to join her school band . 10:38
Hollywood Hurts – directed by Justine Renee Is the glamour of Hollywood a facade hiding a dark secret? #metoo 4:56
The Green Dragon Rises – directed by Aaron Chung A young woman who tries to be a kung-fu warrior is faced with a challenge. 3:39
Kids News – directed by TL Westgate A true story of a small town newspaper written by kids and the remarkable woman who touched their lives. 14:00
Paper Love Story – directed by Annika Ciul Everything is perfect, until his teacher rips the fantasy away. 5:05
A Face in the Crowd – directed by Dale Metz He wanted to be more than just another face in the crowd but his desires lead to addiction. 11:54