MIFF 2018 - Fright Night

Fright Night Friday Horror/Sci-fi show 9:00 pm Admission $10
Whiteqube: Design Flaws – directed by Steven Shea Lose your mind as a young woman uncovers a horrifying secret. 3:16
Midnight Man – directed by Brendan Jackson Rogers A father fights to protect his daughter when a mysterious figure invades their home. 8:07
Crib – directed by Bradley Fowler Brooke investigates a haunting voice she hears through her baby monitor. 4:30
Death Van – directed by Michael Enzbrunner (Canada) Space-rock duo tours through a miniature world inhabited by surreal creatures. 6:07
Distortion – directed by Gregory Papinutto (France) When Dianne awakens from the euphoric haze of the rave, things aren’t quite right. 23:39
The Dark Hunger – directed by Anthony Williams They took away his memory and his life, but gave him something worse in death. 15:00
Street Dykes – directed by Haven Nutt A journey to find the infamous street dykes of Louisiana. 8:10
Intruders – directed by Vincent Ferrari Two home intruders break into a house and discover a dark secret. 10:27
Repercussion – 4:21 directed by Negin Homayounpour (Iran) A family is watching a war movie suddenly, they experience the same events. 4:21
The Edge of Madness – directed by Chris Alonso Amidst depression and addiction, a young man is faced with what he thinks is the answer. 13:40
Door to Purgatory – directed by Alexandra Balda Hanna finds herself in the midst of inexplicable paranormal forces. 13:06