MIFF 2018 - Matinee Magic

Matinee Magic 2:30 pm – 4:45 pm Admission $5
Before Oblivion – directed by Ferenc Rakoczy (Switzerland) Memories are delicate. 11:00
Heartless Angler – directed by Takayuki Ogawa (Japan) The man pretended to go to the office and went fishing to the river instead. 11:40
Leprosy – directed by Alimohammad Eghbaldar (Iran) On his wedding night, the groom drags his bride to hospital to figure things out. 14:32
” “ – directed by Markus Lerchbaum (Austria) A refugee girl struggles with puberty, family problems and self-doubts. 7:21
In Her Image – directed by Nikoloz Kevkhishvili (Georgia) A desperate mother descends into the labyrinth of virtual reality to rescue her son. 19:54
Nena & Dave Stewart – Be My Rebel directed by Virgil Widrich (Germany) Adults need the inner child to bring about change! 3:45
Fixed – directed by Ding Jie Ng (Singapore)
Once Upon a Dream – directed by Anthony Nion (France) Literally, the girl of his dreams! 13:25
The Wish – directed by David Li (Canada) A blind girl catches a thief in her home red-handed. 9:51
Eat Up! – directed by Kavivarmen Vigneswaran (Malaysia) Karina dreams of making a name for herself in competitive food eating. 21:12