MIFF 2018 - Opening Night

Opening Night Retro Night 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s COSTUME CONTEST 7:00 pm Admission $10
MIFF 20th Year Documentary – directed by Lear Bunda and Eric Emerick A look back at the MIFF, its history, and its meaning for the future. 20:00
Under the Bridge – directed by Terry Cronin The horror that started it all.
Action News – directed by Tom Mumme and the Attic Open Your Eyes to the News from the very first MIFF 1999! 13 9:39
Blame it on Florida – directed by Glenn Przyborski In the heady days of 1969, two girls come to Brevard county and learn to surf. 15:00
Tiny Warrior – directed by Robby Sparks The winner of 2012’s filmmaking challenge.
Dudley and the Toykeeper’s Chest – directed by Patrick Algermissen The story of Dudley the lamb – the only toy created by the world’s finest toy mender. 15:00
Death in Charge – directed by Devi Snively When Death comes to visit all bets are off. 14:54
Prita Chhabra: Stronger – directed by Steven Shea A popular cultural inspirational music video filmed in Brevard County. 4:30
The Shardai Cousineau – Story directed by Paulette King The amazing story of a wonderful young woman.
Mr. Bubbs – directed by Todd Thompson Every kid has an imaginary friend.
A(t)tempting Escape – directed by Bill Williams Fantasies can become reality!
Writer’s Block – directed by Robby Sparks The winner of our 2015 Dynamic Duos contest- Inspiration is everywhere!
Feeling for Two – directed by Stacy Torkelson Friendship and loss intertwine to shape who people become. 5:05
Pupsock & Wendell and the Sky Pirates – directed by Patrick Algermissen Can Pupsock & Wendell rescue the princess? 5:04
Fiend Fatale – directed by Steven Shea Five cloned sisters- a vampire, a zombie, a werewolf, a demon, and a mermaid! 13:00
Gynecologist – The Musical: directed by Andy Byrd An unsuspecting patient is in for the surprise of her life! 7:32
Pizza Bro – directed by Lear Bunda Let’s order a pizza, bro!