MIFF 2018 - VIP Program

VIP Program and Awards 7:00 pm Admission $20
Tie Up Loose Ends: A special filmmaking competition The Model – directed by Eddie Craig 5:00 The Model – directed by John Granger / Bob Brown 5:00
Conquer the World – directed by Kaiser Tangso (Australia) While playing the mobile game Conquer the World, two teenagers find a dead body. 12:21
Zona – (Iran) A man is called to court by a woman who claims pregnancy after being with him. 20:00
Perception – directed by Kevin James O’Neill A couple visit a special forest where magical things happen. 7:08
Open Up – directed by Savannah Berube FSU A shy golem must overcome his fear of opening up to others. 2:15
JR Root – directed by Jonathan Frazier A look into the life of horse behaviorist and professional cowboy, JR Root. 5:30
Bombshell – directed by Ryland Carlin A young mermaid searches for the perfect bra with her scallop friend’s help. 2:08
The Hobbyist – directed by George Vatistas A mysterious druggist visited by a man who winds up getting more than he bargained for. 8:37
Christmas in Vietnam (Preview) – directed by Thomas Mumme Terry Cronin Sr. MD reports a story of an unforgettable Christmas in 1967. 3:35
O Holy Knight – directed by Robby Sparks The premiere of a locally-produced unforgettable Christmas story!