MIFF 2021 - Comedy Program


Comedy Program featuring Lisa Corrao

Socially Distanced Cinema 7:58 directed by Brendan Jackson Rogers — Your favorite movies…but with SOCIAL DISTANCING!

Rocking the unemployment Line 2:41 directed by Oksana Pryshchepa — A sexy and irreverent ride through the life of an unemployed superstud.

Scene Riff! Or Quarantined with a Green Screen 10:29 directed by Brendan Jackson Rogers — Driven a bit stir crazy by the pandemic, three filmmakers quarantined with their green screen explore the infinite possibilities of classic movie scenes.

The Unemployed Mermaid 3:25 directed by Brendan Jackson Rogers — Ariel, the little mermaid, tries desperately to get unemployment benefits in Florida… good luck.

Action Space News 10:00 directed by Lear Bunda — Your friendly correspondent reports on all space happenings.

Spy Guys 7:35 directed by T.L. Westgate — Just a couple of guys, who are spies, doing the spy thing.