MIFF 2021 - Florida Filmmakers Matinee


Giving Me Something 3:22 directed by Mike L. Germaine — Why do we remember a handful of things growing up? Giving me something is a music video about positive and negative life events that shape us to become who we are.

Nick Lazer in Codex Cube 5:20 directed by Archangel Delapaz — Our hero, Nick Lazer and her trusty sidekick go into the starship Aragon to retrieve the CODEX Cube.

A Reckoning 10:11 directed by Dale Metz — Seeking the magic in friendship.

Entwined 14:05 directed by Dale Griffiths Stamos — Two people in their sixties find themselves standing in front of the same painting at a gallery.

On the third day of an international manhunt 13:20 directed by Costa Karalis — A neat and tidy numismatist seeks to put his collection back in order while a man guilty of the worst crimes imaginable approaches his hometown.

Cook is in the Kitchen 2:57 directed by Mike L. Germaine — A music video.

Dream Operator 7:30 directed by Bretton A. Miller — Going through his daily motions, a weary Dream Operator, a person inside our heads who constructs our dreams, is suddenly confronted by a rogue creation.

The Ranger 8:00 directed by Danielle J. Bowman — In the 1800’s, a grizzled, trail-worn Texas Ranger crosses paths with a mysterious young girl.

Ocean’s Eyes 10:40 directed by Ian Bertel — A surfer discovers a lost gun outside his home and, because of his secrets, he can’t alert the authorities before others come snooping.

Anja: Paved Roads 2:54 directed by Mike L. Germaine — A music video about a young woman confronted by the crossroads of life and figuring out which path to choose.

Indolence 14:26 directed by Derek Hernandez — A young man struggles to find motivation to do his job throughout the course of a weekend.

Subjugated 9:00 directed by Sue Dontell — The act of bringing under domination or control. Elephants have been subjugated by man for centuries.

The Last Picture Show: Rene Griffith and the Foosaner Art Museum 14:29 directed by Eric Emerick — Showcasing local artist Rene Griffith, her artwork, and her exhibition at the last showing of the Foosaner Art Museum.

Father’s Time 17:09 directed by Ashton Kristopher Bracciodieta — How far would you go to save someone?

The Muse 3:32 directed by Julianna Lee White — An artist encounters his muse in the surreal realm of his imagination.

Betrayed 10:00 directed by Dale C Metz — A young woman struggles to lead a discrete life but the agency who saved her from terminal cancer expects more.