MIFF 2021 - Fright Night


Drop Bear 5:22 directed by Adam Lawes — Wayne is forced to work late. Little does he know he has some company.

The Future is Bright 4:56 directed by Israel Bannister — A truck driver gets harassed by a drone.

Koreatown Ghost Story 14:52 directed by Minsun Park & Teddy Tenenbaum — In this supernatural horror tale starring Margaret Cho, a woman entertains a macabre marriage offer that would let her pursue her dreams, for better or for much much worse.

Don’t Go Upstairs 1:00 directed by Steven Shea — Seriously, don’tgo upstairs. Starring Dia Frampton and Khalif Boyd.

An Absurd Night 9:51 directed by Dell Beckman — A serial killer is on the loose but what if they came across another serial killer on the same night?

Little Z 12:44 directed by Chris Ballinger — When a by-the-book small-town deputy marries the love of his life, he must try to find common ground with his new wife’s preteen zombie daughter.

Big Mug 8:59 directed by Cody Millett — A coffee addict meets their favorite internet celebrity.

Parasomnia 3:10 directed by Kalev Carrow & Michael Howell — On a restless night, a would-be dreamer is haunted by unshakable regrets.

Dark Passage 1:00 directed by Roshni “Rush” Bhatia — A part time driver’s last ride of the night may be the last ride of his life.

The Art of Death 3:00 directed by — Tristan Wauchope. After her mother’s passing, a young woman revisits one of her prized possessions.

Ghostbusters:Reanimated 8:00 — Two Columbia students and Ghostbusters super fans score a jar of actual slime and accidentally unleash something that hasn’t been seen in decades.

Little Miseries 18:52 directed by Dia Taylor — A woman pulls her husband through the end of the world.

Jail Bait 8:00 directed by Sophie Gonzalez & Dale Metz — A young girl arranges to meet a stranger. Things don’t go according to plan.

Contingencies 15:31 directed by Lon & Shannon Nease — A struggling couple seeks a fresh start by buying a new home but everything changes upon discovering a secret that lies within.