MIFF 2021 - International Program


The Punishment 11:55 (UK) directed by Chris Sexton Fletcher — A grief-stricken father hunts down the boy responsible for the events which led to his son’s murder.

How to Fall in Love in a Brothel 11:00 (South Korea) directed by Sunhui Chang — Showing what is possible in life when two people happen to cross paths.

Anagnoresis 15:00 (Spain) directed by Arturo Dueas Herrero — A new doctor has just arrived at a nursing home, where he meets a patient tormented by a past which he cannot remember.

Tio 12:40 (Mexico) directed by Juan Medina — On his first day of work as a miner, Martin, a cocky teenager will learn the importance of rituals and respect for ancestors.

The Red Feather 23:33 (China) directed by Axin Zhou — Two problem youths kill a man by mistake while fighting. His wife recounts years of domestic violence and suggests faking the murder scene.

Forced to Bend 6:00 (Germany) directed by Astrid Schaefer — After serving a prison sentence, the protagonist meets his friends and his mother again.

A Promise -A Short Film 6:48 (UAE) directed by Tarun Sardana — Love is a promise. A promise of always being there.

The “Non-Love” Story 3:36 (Australia) directed by Jennifer Gareski — An awkward young man tests out his newest invention to attempt to break up with his erratic girlfriend.

Grave Hands 21:18 (Vietnam) directed by Aaron Inman — A Vietnamese man makes a deal with God to safely deliver his newborn son. In return, he devotes his entire life to collecting fetuses from the local hospitals and burying them on his property.

Mother Earth 3:18 (India) directed by Pratheek Shetty — A music video celebrating the beauty of nature, and co-existence.

Origin of Man 13:00 (Norway) directed by Pjotr Sapegin — A story about how humans are immigrants from another place, a planet square as a box.

The Balcony 10:00 (Ukraine) directed by Sergei Tymchenko

Miles and Kilometers 2:06 (Japan) directed by Sonali Gulati — A lingering haiku poem of migration, separation, dislocation, and exile.