MIFF 2023: Comedy


Comedy featuring comedian Lisa Corrao $10
Viewer discretion is advised.

Jheff Wick 5:30 Directed by Ken Do. Jheff, per his name-tag, has found himself in a desperate situation. As he makes his escape, Jheff rushes to young woman’s aid to free her from captivity.
Dollyville 7:59 Directed by Luis Enrique Vanegas. When Sam reveals to Millicent that he knows her secret, their unity is questioned.
Dinosaurs in the Congo 4:32 Directed by Kevin Veatch. Professor Beauregard Danforth speaks of his greatest adventure. He trekked deep into the Heart of Hospitality in central Africa, and met dinosaurs!
Long Stay 3:16 Directed by Nico Wilcox. Owen arrives at a Florida Airbnb and little does his host know why he is there. Will she learn his secret in time?
Neon Guns: Cocoa Beach 2085 ({after dark)} 9:13 Directed by Lear Bunda & Jerrod Cordell. On his first day on the job, a Neon Gun recruit battles Scuba Fett to save his family at a mini golf course in the year 2085.
Death By King Cake 15:24 Directed by Janssen Swent, David Luck. Daisy Moreau’s dream is to become an actress and her goal is to get into a Performing Arts School which may be a challenge.
Step Strangers 24:31 Directed by Thomas Wade Jackson. Two step sisters meet for the first time, and 15 year old, aspiring rock star, Agnes coerces 8 year old, painfully shy, Geraldine to sneak out of the house.
Superposition 6:10 Directed by TL Westgate. A temporal anomaly in which two paradoxical eventualities co-exist. In other words, time is relative.

RUN TIME: 90 min