MIFF 2023: Florida Filmmakers Matinee


Florida Filmmakers Matinee $10
Viewer discretion is advised.

Ghosts Don’t Wear Name Tags 23:00 Directed by Ray and Migdalia Etheridge. Based on the short story "Afterward", by Edith Wharton. Mary and Ted Boyle are fans of the supernatural. They buy a decaying mansion, which boasts its own ghost. But nobody knows the identity of the ghost, or how it got.
Drone Runner 1:59 Directed by Vincent Scuro. On a planet at the edge of the galaxy, drones and humans fight over territory. The outnumbered humans run simulations to find ways to even the odds.
Eleanor 4:04 Directed by Archie Delapaz. A new home owner moves into a house that is haunted.
Julia 6:48 Directed by Hans Kunzke. Julia Markham was a deranged woman who slaughtered her family in 1905. Legend has it that she continues to haunt the Cambridge countryside.
Blackwater Blues 15:00 Directed by Stephen Wise. Two brothers in a small Mississippi town find themselves in the midst of a biker gang, drug dealers, and the CIA.
If Found 2:59 Directed by Hannah Huffman. When the Forest Dweller and their dog rescue an injured crow, they receive a kindness in return.
Stringout 10:55 Directed by Ashton K Bracciodieta. While hanging out with a friend for lunch, a man discovers he is a character in a badly made film by a self-indulgent and narcissistic director.
Superstitious 6:25 Directed by Melany Andrea Di Pietro Cecere, Carolina Rapp. A fairy owns a magic shop and one day an adorable black cat stumbles into her store.
You Are My God Thing 3:40 Directed by Vic Quinton, Cynthia Garcia. Faith-based song about the love of family.
Yellow Dove Aftermath 9:30 Directed by Rony A. Abovitz. The surreal experiences of Yellow Dove in his bunker within the world of Hour Blue.
Mariannas 7:53 Directed by Pei Liu. Jeff is a hit man who has just finished his last assignment.But then, he receives a package containing orders for a new assignment.
The Last Shift 12:00 Directed by Kevin Ramnath. On Brooke’s last shift as a barista she attempts to impact those around her in a positive way in an effort to pay it forward.
Bring It Back 2:40 Directed by John David Cranman. A computer hacker's ability gets the best of him.
End Of The Road 7:25 Directed by Austin Roghelia. In a dystopian future when gas-powered cars become illegal, an underground car club defies the authoritarian regime and takes to the streets.
Orchid Island 20:00 Directed by Rod Costner. Romantic film about a lawn worker who falls in love with a professional dancer.
Dream On 22:11 Directed by Dale Metz, Sarah-Lee Dobbs. Kylie dreams of a career in the performing arts.
Ill Gotten Gains 14:00 Directed by Christopher P Ryan. A bent stock broker engages in blackmail to further her career, but realizes the cost is too much for her.
Heart Hawk 4:54 Directed by Sue Dontell. Finding a hawk feather is meant to be a message of encouragement that is a positive sign that the universe is listening to your intentions and working with you.
11:34 10:00 Directed by Eva-Marie Mills. Bridget learns that an evil presence visits her house at 11:34 - the Hour of the Devil! Now that the specter is aware of her, Bridget must find a way to escape it.
A Murder Most Trivial 8:00 Directed by Derek Ziegler, David Hosmer. An afternoon with old friends and new acquaintances. What could go wrong?
Baila Conmigo 21:10 Directed by Tristan Anthony Ortiz. Daniel Rosa, a teenage Puerto Rican-American, doesn't feel like he quite fits into his extended family due to his different cultural upbringing.

RUN TIME: 120 min