MIFF 2023: Fright Night Friday


Fright Night Friday Horror Program $10
Viewer discretion is advised.

Misunderstanding, 7:41, Directed by Eric Emerick, "He was all business, until the very end".
Elisabeth 14:00 Switzerland Directed by Monica De Almeida. Recurring dreams, death, a resonating name the keeps coming up…
Lit Up 6:57 Directed by Matt Green. A cranky music producer and his singer girlfriend struggle to quit smoking.
Witching Hour by Roshan Ruprai 3:47 UK Directed by Sasha Dulerayn. A young man attends a pagan ritual, the video seeks to capture the toxic entrapment of grief colliding with the regenerative power of nature.
Violar 21:55 Directed by Sarah Goras. A young pregnant wife encounters her abusive past and unleashes a sinister presence that puts those around her in danger.
The Students! 19:59 Directed by Christopher Duarte. Meet your average American High Schoolers and the stars of America’s Number One sitcom: The Students! The problem is, they don’t know that yet.
Cold Storage 8:58 Directed by Dale Metz. A scientist searching for a youth restoration serum in a sophisticated lunar lab crosses an ethical line.
Dormancy 10:22 Directed by Sarah Goras Peterson. A woman cleans out her dead grandmother's home and unleashes the dormant spirit of a masked killer.
Black Holes 18:00 Directed by Antonio Scarabaggio. 1947- A huge castle in the middle of a large estate is used as a refuge by some people.
Don't Run 4:33 Directed by Jesse Foy. Dark consequences will pursue those who run from their problems.
Don't Eat Dead Fish 8:15 Directed by Adam Seccafico. A fisherman is haunted by a dead fish.
Good Times/Bad Times 3:00 Directed by Laura Medeiros. A sweet pixie dream girl...but what is that strange muffled noise coming from the inside of her closet?
Noman 16:00 Directed by Matt Robb. To boost her online popularity, Youtuber Amber and her boyfriend Johnny set up an occult ritual for her upcoming livestream.
Greed and Gore 15:00 Directed by Adam Kirkey. Five criminals pick the wrong safe house to lay low after robbing a bank.
Bats Without Wings 3:19 Directed by Ian Bertel. Featuring Crash the Funeral. An underground experiment goes horribly wrong in an attempt to transform a man into a monster.

RUN TIME: 90 min