MIFF 2023: International Program


International Program $10
Who is Larry? 14:59 Australia. Directed by Rajkumar John. In a world consumed by anonymous likes and shares on social media, a young girl dates one of her "anonymous likes" and soon finds herself trapped into a world of crime.
First Time Buyers 11:14 UK. Directed by Lauren Blackwell. A young couple attends a house viewing for an affordable dream London home, but the house is haunted!
Parabens 19:30 Czech Republic. Directed by Michael Bukovanský. Peaceful and ordinary afternoon turns into a horrifying experience for a wealthy family from the kitschy suburbs when sleazy cosmetics peddlers knock on their door.
10 x 10 - I just want to ride alongside 6:01 Hong Kong. Directed by Jack Lau. Zoom and his best friend Shun promised each other they’d become professional cyclists.
Circle 9:10 China. Directed by Ke Wang. After failing in the ring, Bökh wrestler Temur returns to the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, where he seems to catch a glimpse of his old indomitable self in the form of a younger wrestler.
Harold & Laila 10:30 UK. Directed by Jagoda Puczko. A young girl is building a time machine to reverse a life-altering event, when she meets her neighbor who offers her technical advice.
Ana Morphose 9:47 Portugal. Directed by Joao Rodrigues. A little girl reads herself to sleep. As she dozes off, the physical world starts melting into an alternate reality.
Glass Works 23:21 Hong Kong. Directed by Norman Ng. A lyrical reminiscence of an innocent childhood friendship when being kind to someone did not require a reason like today.
The Throw (Beyond Borders) 3:59 Australia. Directed by Arun Ashok. Olivia, a disabled child from Melbourne, Australia, went to the nearby Little Athletics Centre and found a boy (OM) practicing discus and they became friends,

RUN TIME: 90 min